Power Backup

Get Reliable Power Backup Solutions From Go Solar Ltd.

What is a power back up?

A power back up is a system that stores energy for use during blackout using an inverter charger and battery bank. This is different from traditional diesel or petrol back up generators. Energy is stored in the battery when grid power is available and is used when there is a back out. The system works automatically, with no need of manual contol.

Go Solar Power Backup delivers all the functionality of an uninterrupted power source (UPS), pure sine wave inverter, high tech Solar battery charge controller and a maximum power point tracker, in a single, small, high tech unit that harvests energy from any of a multiple of sources. Energy harvested is available for immediate use or saved to batteries.

Go Solar Power Backup will harvest energy from the grid, solar, wind, hydro, and generator. If solar, wind or other alternative sources are connected, the control unit will select these sources before using grid or generator power. The control unit will allow for direct use of the power, or store the power to Solar batteries. The control unit can also shut off your grid power at peak times and allow you to use cheap power, previously saved, to reduce your utility bill.

No noise, no fumes, no maintenance, no having to store petrol. Compact and fully automatic. No wires and extension cords. Easily connected by an electrician directly into your DB board. Scaled to supply power for as long as you like. Get 2 times the daily power output and up to 4 times the battery life of a similar sized deep cycle battery and inverter system.

Have a look at our range of power backup solution prices below.


Solar Home Systems

A System For Every Need

Starter backup system


  • Plug and play-6hrs backup time
  • Laptop
  • Wifi modem
  • Phone Charging
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Medium backup system

Ksh 109,000

  • 1000W Inverter,2400Watthrs-12hrs backup time
  • 15 Lights
  • Computer/Tv
  • wifi modem
  • Phone Charging
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Maxi home backup system

Ksh 149,000

  • 1000W Inverter,4800Watthrs-12hrs backup time
  • 20 Lights
  • TV and Fridge
  • Phone Charging
  • Wifi modem
  • Computer
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5000W Office backup system


  • 5000W Inverter,19,200 Watthrs-8hrs backup time
  • 10 lights
  • 8 computers
  • 1 Printer
  • 1 Copier
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